Sent and received in September 2015

United States of America

White House

1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW,

Washington, DC 20500


To Barack OBAMA, President of the United States of America

Subjects :

Proposal of settlement out of Court before international criminal complaints;

Last chance to get the right to ask to buy the “Ultimate Weapon”


I have a problem, I mean “We” have a problem, I mean “You” have a problem.

I'm talking about corruption, about corruptions, in state judicial system, in California state judicial system, and in your own judicial system, the federal one.

Because of those dirty behaviors everywhere, by most of people working inside those systems, it is impossible to get justice, I mean a real justice, not only at the level of states, but at the one of your country.

So, now, you and your country are involved in a serious international problem.

Sure, I'm not the only one to have been screwed by your dirty judicial systems, a lot of Americans, victims yet, suffered, and is still suffering from them, becoming more victims, and at a second degree too. Some of them, even American, tried to denounce, to fight, to erase corruption, without success.

Of course, it is quite impossible to win against the system itself when its actors (from yet lawyers, to process servers, clerks, judges, policemen, agents, etc.) work together all the time, and have too much to lose by being honest... It is a business, indeed. An unfair legal system gives more jobs and money to its privileged actors, from lawyers, process servers, to courts... So, an unfair legal system is better than a fair one. Better for themselves, of course. Your legal systems do not take care of victims, worse, they despise all of us.

So, for every victim, the fight is already lost at the beginning; even if sometimes some victims win, because, anyway, they lost a precious thing, time, their life time, a thing impossible to get back.

But, about your present problems with me, unfortunately for you (USA and its state of California), and fortunately for me, I am not a US citizen; I am a foreigner, and so I can bring those cases to an international level.

But, unfortunately for all of you, I am not a sheep, and when it comes to corruption, and the worst one, in judicial system, I refuse it, and I fight those who manage it. You cannot understand because I am talking about honor and justice, the real ones, not the fake ones that some Americans, as in government and army, claim wrongly but proudly.

But, unfortunately for you, I am inventor, and I discovered and understood a lot of “things” about which most of your kind of scientists, laboratory monkeys indeed, cannot understand. For example, I found the mistake of Einstein's theory, and even in its “famous” equation.

I am even working on several other greatest inventions, like anti-gravity systems (categories 2 and 4)( indeed, I'm the inventor of anti-gravity categories/classifications).

I even invented, discovered the major and primordial paradox ( problem) for time travel.

I even discovered how “Evolution” of species really works. I went further than Darwin's theory which is indeed only about “natural selection”, which is a basic explanation, only a little part of mechanism of “Evolution”, based on observations, just saying what he observed, but with none explanation about its mechanics, its biological mechanics.

Otherwise, I invented a new weapon, worse and “better” than A-Bomb, and even useful against some terrorist attacks in one of its special versions.

But, I'll never sell it to you, any of them, until I have my damages, all of them, paid.

So, let's come back to “your” problem.

Everything, I mean all the problems, came from the corruption, and worse, from a corruption network in the state of California. From its local police, its local judicial system through its clerks, its judges, its lawyers, its process servers, to its higher agencies claiming ruling and guaranteeing “integrity”, as “State Bar”, “Commission Judicial on Performance”, “California Department of Insurance”, “Department of Motor Vehicles”, “California Highway Patrol” (CHP), and so, to its governor.

None justice, a real one, is within this state; and even worse, everyone, from its lawyers and its judges to its governor and his “commissioners”, everyone as together is pissing on the “Declaration of Independence”, on “Constitution”, on “Civil Rights”, on “ Bill of Rights”. A shame !

Following some other experiences in your country, being a kind of “profiler” because I'm Master Philosopher, my analyzes led me to see corruption even within FBI and IRS. I even discovered a fraud, a kind of scam, of cheating within some games of California Lottery.

Even being foreigner, I was fighting and denouncing all those bad, dirty and stupid official people dishonoring all the great values of USA, its bases, its “Declarations”. But, indeed, for nothing. Those so-called Americans are not considering and respecting those important texts written and signed by your greatest people. I was alone to denounce them, losing my time, my energy and my money to fight Americans about those declarations they have to respect. I was alone against more than 50 “FuBas” having power, and/or being protected by other ones.

At this time of 2013/2014, I wanted to live in USA, and I asked for a political asylum. I did the interview in november 2014, but, when I discovered all the dirty behaviors, ways and acts of people managing your country, I did not want to live anymore in your country, only good for “FuBas”. I hate and fight them anywhere.

So, I did not want that your country gets the benefits of my discoveries.

So, I decided to leave it for a better place, even after to have given $15,000 of retainer to a lawyer, Anish VASHISTHA, for the asylum process. Yes, he screwed me, keeping all the money without giving any bill or justifying the amount of work, sure he is dishonest as almost official people in California. Indeed, I did not meet someone honest.

I think you already know the omnipresence of corruption in your country, as any American citizen knows it yet.

I am French, and I lived around one year in your country. I wanted to live there, and I asked for a political asylum. I brought all my money with me. I wanted to find a quiet place to work, not to find or to take a job from an American, I do not work for someone else than me. I just wanted to develop my new inventions about nuclear applications, and many other ones.

I am author, master philosopher, theoretician and inventor. I have 25 patents, and around 30 copyrights in several domains. Some of my inventions have been stolen by big companies managed by “FuBas”, as most of them, and especially American companies (“Visa”, “Mastercard”, “Amex” which owe me at least $10B). The story of USA shows this, a country built on lies, scams, thefts, crimes, perjuries, bad faith, smoke screens of the “good” fighting evil. It is quite the opposite, indeed.

When I came to your country, I wanted to find a quiet and safe place to work on my last inventions, like, for example, the “Real 4D” for movie, and some other pretty ones. But above all, I wanted to make a company of Research and Development about my other confidential inventions, touching nuclear and military uses. Indeed, I'm working too, on the possibility to create electricity with nuclear parts with almost no waste. And about military ones, I'm working on a new weapon that Nazis could have called “Wunderwaffe”.

Last year, I discovered that your country was not nice, even quite the opposite, despite the fact there are anyway good people living there, as in any country, but they are not part of political decisions, and let alone in the judicial system. I discovered corruption at each level of authorities, and worse, a complicity, a strong network where someones protect some others.

So, I discovered that your country is managed by “FuBas” and only “FuBas”. I'm not talking about you and your government, but about the real people managing your country, those who are always there, whatever is the elected government changing every four years, so, those who are in good place to decide to punish or not, to apply law or not. I mean people working in administrations and official agencies, as commissioners, judges, lawyers, clerks, policemen, etc., indeed, people staying always there, never mind the government is. Those who dare to offense your own great rules, the “Constitution”.

When I arrived in USA, I believed, sure I was naive, that those official people were able to respect, or at least, to follow, their own highest rules, the “Constitution”, a declaration that, as even being foreigner, I respect because it is great. But, I was wrong. Totally wrong. I understood that your country is a bad country, being the quite opposite of its image, of the symbol created by all of you to make us, foreigners, believe that you are for the right side, the “good” one, fighting the “bad” one. Even some of your own citizens believe in your fake, deceptive and misleading appearance.

I am writing a book about your country, about what I learned, about what I lived in around 6 months. It will be titled “Evil blesses America”. I understood that American people's hope is to be blessed by god because it is not indeed the reality; and so, “God bless America” is just a wish. We do not wish something real, something happening...

When I talked to people about my sad story, my bad multi experiences in California, what I lived in 6 months is difficult to believe. Even for Americans knowing yet the corruption of their own country. Such a dirty deep situation to the point that I understood that none solution is existing in your country for people, I mean for good people, and so, I left USA last january to find a better place than yours; not so much difficult to find definitively because your country is so deeply installed in the Evil side.

About your present problems, there are deliberate failures. This is it.

As I've had to pay to get access to justice, indeed to your judicial state system, California, through Los Angeles and Santa Cruz courts, as I've had to pay to get access to another “step” of justice, indeed to another level of your judicial system, the federal one, so, several contracts have been done between us, your country and me. I paid, so, your state (California) and your country have to respect what I paid for. Of course, “corruption” was not included in our “deal”, and so, your judicial systems did not respect the contracts with me, by cheating about their (yours, too) duties, their moral and contractual obligations. Your judicial systems failed, with the ugliest and worst way, the deliberately one. Despite the fact I was already, and several times, a victim of several criminal offenses in several cases, I became a new and more victim each time, caused by your unfair and dishonest legal systems. I've been screwed again and again by those judicial systems managed by persons who lied and are lying, who cheated and are cheating, who juggled and are juggling perjuries, who played and are playing bad faith the whole time. How can we seriously discuss ?! Indeed, there is no justice, no delivery of justice, no respect of victims in your kind of country, but just only freeways for criminals to avoid to be punished, and to commit more and more criminal offenses, to “produce” more and more victims, always with benefits.

As a victim, I've had to pay to get justice; a shame yet.

In addition, your contracts to do the job of “justice”, what I paid for, have not been respected by you, and delivered from you to me.

I could bring all those state cases to federal level, but, knowing yet that this latter is corrupted too, I know yet that it is a loss of time, energy and money. So, I have to bring all of them to an international level, and against USA too, of course.

Otherwise, in addition, I could bring those cases in a country of the Middle-East, for example, in order to get a high and serious sentence related to the dirty acts of complicities of all those “FuBas”, in order to get a “fatwa” against each of them.

But, the most important for you is to know the details of your possible choices. If you choose not to find a settlement out of court, your country will have no access to my last invention, my “Wunderwaffe”. Sure, right now, you do not need it. But, I'll never sell it to you, nor to your “partners”, and even if a lot of innocent people of your country is going to die. It is sad, but your wrong decision will lead to a situation where good people will suffer and will die because those dirty persons have not been punished, because they have been unfairly protected by your fake system of “justice”. Anyway, one day or another, you'll need this invention to protect yourselves.

I sold it yet to a few of your “not friends”, and I'll sell it to them only, and never to your so-called friends. Fortunately, thanks to god, you have a lot of enemies over the world, even among your “Allies”.

To do short in this letter, because every details of each case is yet in the attached complaints and in some other appended and related documents like some of my answers to “FuBas” lawyers, so, following is the list of my “stories”, the matter of “your” problems, the subject of my proposal of settlement out of court.

Of course, each of them is more complex than the complaint itself because I discovered more and more later, about the case itself yet, but also, about the new coming “actors” (dishonest lawyers, clerks and judges, and even nonsense articles of your laws- state and federal ones), those, for example, who tried and are trying to erase criminal acts by new ones done by themselves, thinking they are covered of complete impunity thanks to their official position. So, I've got around 20 kgs ( 50 pounds) of documents, proofs and demonstrations of corruptions, criminal complicities, offenses.

Scam, sexual harassment, forcible entry by landlord, Dean TURCHI, and corruption of LAPD and Mayor of Los Angeles, through some of its agencies, etc.

Involved persons (not limited list) : Dean TURCHI; Mayor of L.A., Eric GARCETTI; HALLOCK, police officer at LAPD Hollywood; Charlie BECK, deputy chief, commander, captain, director of LAPD and chief of LAPD Internal affairs; Hector RODRIGUEZ, Inspector of Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety; Maria WOOD, investigator at Los Angeles Housing+ community department; Araceli GONZALES, investigator at eLos Angeles Housing+ community department; Ian YEOM, investigator at Los Angeles Housing+ community department.

Summary : Spring 2014, I lived in Los Angeles,. I found an apartment in Hollywood thanks to “”, a website managed by dishonest people, indeed a hidden company. The landlord was indeed mental ill and dishonest. In danger, I've had to leave my apartment already paid, leaving with my stuff inside. When I've wanted to file a police report at LAPD, nothing happened, none helped me despite the serious criminal offenses, the dangerous situation to come back to my apartment. I've had to go to an hotel and pay while I've already paid my rental, and to leave all my personal stuff, having to buy new clothes, everything.

See references in “TURCHI“ case. Complaint filed at Los Angeles court (14K07894) and mails to LAPD and Mayor.

Scams, corruptions, complicity with adverse party, fake declarations, fake invoices committed by lawyers, corruptions of judges and state agencies of California, etc.

Involved persons (not limited list) : Cynthia HACKLER, attorney/lawyer at Los Angeles; State Bar of California; Luis J. RODRIGUEZ, State Bar President; Commission on Judicial Performance of California; State of California; Michael L. STERN; Alexandra BUECHNER; Lynell PEARSON.

Summary : Following the previous cases (TURCHI and LAPD cases) where a corruption network was protecting this landlord, I've been betrayed and screwed by my own lawyer, Cynthia HACKLER. Indeed, she saw that it was more efficient (for her), indeed faster, to take my money than the one of the criminal who victimized me, so, she did fake invoices, embezzled my money, and even helped TURCHI by sabotaging my case. When I filed complaints against her at State Bar and at Los Angeles court, she found a help within them, being protected by judges, clerks and people of the State Bar, and even by “Commission on Judicial Performance”, the state agency ruling the “misconducts”, indeed offenses, committed in the California legal system. Together as one covered up her several criminal offenses, against me.

See references in “HACKLER” case, complaint (BC557351) filed at Los Angeles court, at State Bar, at Los Angeles Court (Stanley Mosk) and several mails.

Scam, embezzlement, blackmails, threats, acts of intimidation, criminal organization linked with local authorities City, Police and Court of Santa Cruz, etc.

Involved persons (not limited list) Scott STOCKER, manager and owner of « De Laveaga Motors Inc. »; Andrew WHITMAN, seller at « De Laveaga Motors Inc. »; Joey MOCCIA, seller at « De Laveaga Motors Inc. »; « De Laveaga Motors Inc. », a corporation in Santa Cruz- California; Lynn ROBINSON, Mayor of city of Santa Cruz; Don LANE, Vice Mayor of city of Santa Cruz; Patty HAYMOND, Risk Manager of city of Santa Cruz; City of SANTA CRUZ; Nathan VASQUEZ, Police Officer at Santa Cruz Police; Kevin VOGEL, Chief of Police of Santa Cruz; Police of Santa Cruz.

Summary : I left in consignment one of my cars, a 911 PORSCHE, to a car dealer of Santa Cruz, « De Laveaga Motors Inc. ». Indeed, Scott STOCKER, manager and owner of « De Laveaga Motors Inc. » lied to me, cheated, threatened me and screwed me, and so, he embezzled my car. I lost it ! So, I discovered that, indeed, Scott STOCKER is the right-hand man of the boss of the local criminal organization, a mafia, so-called “Cosa Nostra”, making his law and his business in Santa Cruz area, protected by the mayor and its police.

See references in “Scott STOCKER” case, complaint filed at Santa Cruz court (CV180228) and answer to the court.

Scams, theft, embezzlement, insurance frauds, lies, fake declarations, perjuries, complicities of criminal offenses, criminal offenses committed by an organized gang involving two insurance companies, corruptions of people of several California state agencies, Governor of California, Sheriff of Santa Cruz and county of Santa Cruz, etc.

Involved persons (not limited list): Jack LADD, owner of « LADD'S Auto Body & Towing » in Santa Cruz; Lyle WOLLERT, manager of « LADD'S Auto Body & Towing »; James PETTIT, agent for « DMV »; Ryan YORK, Deputy Sheriff of the County of Santa Cruz; Phil WOWAK, Sheriff-Coroner of the County of Santa Cruz; CJ. LUCAS, Claims Manager at « INTERINSURANCE EXCHANGE OF THE AUTOMOBILE CLUB »; Cynthia VELASCO, Manager of CJ. LUCAS at « INTERINSURANCE EXCHANGE OF THE AUTOMOBILE CLUB »; Cynthia DRAGER, Claims Service Representative at « INTERINSURANCE EXCHANGE OF THE AUTOMOBILE CLUB »; Bob JORGENSON, Manager of Cynthia DRAGER at « INTERINSURANCE EXCHANGE OF THE AUTOMOBILE CLUB »; GAIL LOUIS, legal Agent for Service for « INTERINSURANCE EXCHANGE OF THE AUTOMOBILE CLUB » and for « AAA SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA »; Chris BAGGALEY, Sr VP Insurance Operations at « Automobile Club of Southern California »; « INTERINSURANCE EXCHANGE OF THE AUTOMOBILE CLUB »; «AAA SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA»; Robert T. BOUTTIER, Chief Executive Officer, President of « AAA SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA »; John F. BOYLE, Executive Vice President of « AAA SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA »; David LANG, Vice President of « AAA SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA » ; Scott KWIERAN, Claims Investigator at « PROGRESSIVE WEST INSURANCE COMPANY »; James ROBBINS, Manager of Scott KWIERAN at « PROGRESSIVE WEST INSURANCE COMPANY »; Glenn RENWICK, President and Chief Executive Officer of « PROGRESSIVE Insurance » ; Chuck JARRET, Chief Legal Officer at « PROGRESSIVE Insurance »; « PROGRESSIVE WEST INSURANCE COMPANY »; Tom HAINES, Regional Manager Automotive Services at « AAA Northern California, Nevada & Utah »; Paul VINCENT, captain and higher responsible of the « California Highway Patrol » office in the county of Santa Cruz ; « California Highway Patrol »; Joseph A. FARROW, Commissioner of « California Highway Patrol »; Salvador ORTIZ, General Manager of the branch of the company « Copart », located at San Martin - County of Santa Clara; Nancy FLORES, legal Agent for Service for « PROGRESSIVE WEST INSURANCE COMPANY » and for « AAA Northern California CSAA INSURANCE EXCHANGE »; Dave JONES, Commissioner at « California Department of Insurance »; « California Department of Insurance »; Jean M. SHIOMOTO, Director of « Department of Motor Vehicles » (DMV) of California; « Department of Motor Vehicles » of California; Edmund Gerald "Jerry" BROWN, Governor of the State of California; « State of California » ; Perri Noelle MONTGOMERY. And too, some others, lawyers Christopher APPLETON, Steven J. DAWSON, Richard S. GOWER, Craig MODLIN; Rebecca CONNOLLY, judge at Santa Cruz.

Summary : I've been a victim of a car accident where I was involved, being not responsible. I've been injured, I lost my car, destroyed, I spent my own money for hospital (around $2000), for the repair of my damaged laptop (around $250). The insurance company of the adverse party, “AAA Southern California” (for which, its employees use different fake names!), did not pay anything, did not repay me anything, and worse, because “they” did not want to pay me the value of my car, some of their employees blackmailed me, and stole my car in order to erase all proofs about its real value, and to force me to accept their dishonest “offer”. They did those criminal offenses with the complicity of several people working with them (Jack LADD, for example), and too, thanks to the cover up of my own insurance company, “PROGRESSIVE”, several dishonest lawyers committing more criminal offenses, SHERIFF of Santa Cruz County, “Santa Cruz county”, “California Highway Patrol”, and several other state agencies as “California Department of Insurance”, “DMV”, so, around 40 people committing more and more criminal offenses against me.

In the federal case, we can see the corruption of the federal judges Howard R. LLOYD and Edward J. DAVILA, and the federal clerks Richard W. WIEKING and Patty CROMWELL.

See references in “LADD/ AAA/ PROGRESSIVE/ STATE OF CALIFORNIA/ MONTGOMERY” cases, complaints filed at Santa Cruz court (CV180309 et CV180324), and at Federal San Jose court (14-CV-05372 HRL), and some answers to some so-called “lawyers".

Otherwise the present proposal, for information, you need to know that I suffered of some criminal offenses in your country as scams, frauds, attempts of embezzlement of funds by committed by “Bank of America”, some frauds, and/or blackmailing, and/or threats by “HSBC” and by “Citibank”, some scams and frauds by “ USA”, and some scams and frauds by ICANN.

So, now, I have enough.

My experiences with “FuBas”, everywhere and every time, led me to know what always happens in cases of “justice” made by corrupted countries like yours. Thanks to dirty country legal systems, victims always lose time, energy and money, while criminal always win time and live well.

My complaints are enough explicit, full of details, and my claims are based on a true reasoning and arguments. They are so much irrefutable, indisputable, that all those “FuBas” lawyers have had to cheat, to distort facts, to change the truth, to juggle perjuries and to play bad faith with complete impunity, their only way to try to avoid to answer to the real “problems”, the criminal acts, the subjects of my complaints. They acted as is because they cannot find one real excuse, one legal argument to show that the committed acts are not illegal, not criminal offenses. They are totally in the wrong side, but also by the stupidest and most ridiculous way. I traveled in Europe, Africa, Middle East and North America, I never saw such moron and stupid people than in USA, I mean in legal field, from judges to lawyers. When we read their answers about my complaints, they are so much ridiculous that we have to consider those people less than animals. They are so poorly smart, that we can consider the value of their brain as null. Unbelievable ! If they are really graduates, your universities could accept monkeys (even not apes) as teachers, and as students.

I don't want anymore to lose more time with any of your state/country legal systems which make a fake justice, even not respecting its contract, not doing its already paid job, thanks to their dishonest, stupid and corrupted people.

Now, I want to work and to focus on my projects, my last inventions in new technology. I cannot do it since more than one year because my mind has been disturbed by all those cases, where I'm victim, several times for each of them, suffering of new criminal offenses, new pains caused, committed, increased and maintained by “FuBa” lawyers. I'm victim, more and more. As I know yet that your legal system is worse than the one of a “Banana Republic” (indeed your country is yet a Banana Republic), so, I know that I won't find any solution, any justice in your corrupted country where liars, criminals, cheaters, robbers have a good life, making their money by screwing good people, protected by your legal systems, thanks to its “actors'”, as judges, clerks, lawyers, and to some of your unfair articles of law. Yes, even some of your laws, some of your legal procedural rules are stupid, a non sense, a total aberration for intelligence, common sense, against logic. So unbelievable of stupidity, so illegally unfair that, if we apply scrupulously my analyze about them, you could, you would have to cancel most of your judgments given since a while... And I know I'm right about their failure.

Anyway, fortunately, I'm not American, I'm not American citizen, and I discovered all the true about your country just before to get my political asylum granted.

So, now, I'm selling my confidential inventions to your enemies, and thanks to God you have a lot, even in your so-called “partners”, you call “Allies”.

So, I'll never sell to your country my discoveries until I have the money that all your “FuBa” American citizens above- mentioned, owe to me.

It is a question of honor and justice. I know you cannot understand these words mean, “Honor”, “Justice” (the real justice, not the one built by your dirty senators, lawyers and judges).

My proposal for this settlement out of court has to be solved within the 21 days following its receiving.

Normally, those persons deserve, at least, to be thrown in jail. So, in addition to pay me, you'll have to act, to give a sentence against each of them.

If we do not find a settlement out of court, if you refuse it, it is not a problem for me. It will be your choice.

So, I would file several international criminal complaints against all and each of them, and against USA too, and against you because you are the main official responsible of the federal legal system, the one of the country named “USA”, the one above the state system, the one for which I paid to file my complaint and to get “justice”, the one which did not respect its contract with me, the one which failed its duty by cheating against me.

I paid in advance so-called “fees” to those courts, California (Los Angeles and Santa Cruz) and federal (San Jose) ones, to file each complaint, asking for a trial with a jury, in order to avoid corruption, to get a real justice. I even paid in advance these additional fees for a jury at Santa Cruz court. I was naive. It was for nothing. I've been screwed, betrayed by those so-called judicial systems by discovering that any defendant can choose, decide before the trial, the field, the way and the motive of the lawsuit ! And so, despite the obvious fact that this is part of the trial itself, any defendant can ask before the trial and so without the risk of a jury, to erase any subject of the complaint, from one to all of them. So, any defendant can even choose the possibility to be sued or not, because it comes to them, only to them, to decide about what they agree to be sued. And this decision comes from a judge, decided without a jury, letting room to corruption. Thus, such a decision is a part of the trial, the real one, a part which has to be evaluated and judged by a jury. I saw too, that some lawyers of only one client dared to ask to the judge the cancellation of the whole the complaint, in the name of their client, while the complaint is about several other defendants, and some causes of action are not related and/or the purpose of the presence of their client in the lawsuit. In addition, most of those lawyers are committing criminal offenses to conceal the ones committed by their client !

Indeed, I can easily demonstrate and prove that California legal system and Federal judicial system share the same shameful way of work, a poor respect for justice, a bad esteem for victims.

Indeed, a masquerade, a travesty of justice.

To come back to the subject of the present proposal of settlement out of court, of course, no deal could be find in order to decide me to sell you my confidential discoveries, and let alone my “Ultimate Weapon”, the “Wunderwaffe”, because I do not want that my inventions can help and be used to protect and to help those “FuBas” protected by your American dirty system.

You seem to be a good person, and I don't care anymore that you, your country protect and give all powers to those “FuBas”, but it will not be with my help. It is a question of Honor, of Justice; just to be on the Right side, on God's side.

So, anyway, if anything or anyone destroys them, punishes them, erases them in the future, I would never go against his will, I mean I would never give a way to help them, even indirectly.

If we agree this settlement out of a court, in addition to get the right to propose me to buy some license about my “Wunderwaffe”, you could buy two information, one about people of a French international hidden network who sold on the sly some sensitive military products of a french/international company (THALES) to some “sensitive” countries, and one about a spy in NATO selling information to an international criminal organization, linked with terrorist one.

And yes, it is in Euro currency. I know too much your country. I know too much about your country. I don't trust your currency because I know that Dollar is overvalued compared to your reserve of gold... Otherwise, I refuse any deal with a currency bringing and carrying the symbol of Evil on its notes...

As I'm Master Philosopher, I can see “things” like a “profiler”, I mean I can detect links between them, I can understand what could happen, so, I can do that only a few can. So, my knowledge associated with my intellectual abilities led me to know that something huge and bad will happen over the World before 2019, and especially in your country. I learned a lot lately, and understood very much about future. I know about what is happening, about “your” WW3 (yes, I know you started it).

Until I am paid, you will have no access to my knowledge, to my last discoveries which could help you, save your country.

Anyway, one day or another, you will need my “Wunderwaffe” to protect you, to defend you.

If we do not find an agreement now, and if you change your mind later than this delay I'm offering you, you'll have to pay at least ten times more. I'm talking about money.

But, in addition, you will have to wait the same time I would have waited for, from the date you would have paid me, now, and the date you will pay me. For example, if you want to get my help in 2016, first, you'll have to pay 10 times more than today, but after to have paid me, you will wait for one year, the difference between now and 2016 (time you pay me), in order to be granted of my help.

By this time, your enemies, or at least your “not friends” could get it.

In addition of the payment in money, some of those criminals will have to be punished, some ones by death, some others thrown in jail, and some others one or both of their hands cut.

There will be no mercy for “FuBas”, let alone for the ones who wasted my time while I could work on discoveries useful for mankind.

Best regards.


Author, Inventor, Master Philosopher, Theoretician, environmental Profiler, I.P. expert.

Founder of the N.G.O. “ANOTOW” (Another Tomorrow)

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